About Us

Fibergalss Mesh UK is a leading manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of fiberglass reinforcement products in the UK and Europe. Our product range includes mesh for internal and external use, these in include plaster scrim fiberglass construction material such as alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh, fiberglass adhesive tape, fiberglass drywall tape, fiberglass filtering net, fiberglass insect screen, fiberglass tissue, wall covering, chopped strand mat, high temperature fiberglass cloth, corner tapes, alkaline resistant joint tapes, external render reinforcement mesh including medium duty render mesh and heavy duty render mesh.

Our products have been designed to exceed current market requirements and we can design and manufacture products around our customer’s needs.

For further details and information please feel free to contact us. Our customer support team are available to answer any questions and offer you product information to meet your needs; our main goal is develop good customer relationships and ensure client satisfaction.

Why choose Fiberglass mesh UK?

Fibergalss Mesh UK has created a distinct identity by its quality products and appeasing services to the clients. Our products comply with stringent international quality standards and have excellent mechanical properties. We offer customized design, services and specifications, which exceed in quality and value standards. Our team uses the very latest technology and are devoted to delivering a quality range of products. Our wide distribution network enables us to meet our customer’s needs for timely service.

Our Products